Free Introductory Judo Taster, Meadowcroft Community Centre, Aylesbury, 6:15pm Thursday 26th February 2015

Want your child to try judo out in a fun, safe environment?

Does your child enjoy playing physical games but not yet found the right sport?

Sign up below and experience the wonderful world of judo!

Sessions may vary but here’s a clue of the sort of thing to expect:

  • There will be a warm up activity
  • Some fun games, more fun games
  • Some judo education, some judo practice
  • Some fitness activity
  • Warm down

It is not necessary for your child to wear a judo suit, known in the sport as a gi, a T-shirt and jogging trousers are fine. For safety and hygiene reasons, please make sure nails are short and hands and feet are clean.

  • Use the box below to let us know of any special requirements your child has

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