Rules of the Dojo

Keep It Safe

  • For your safety, an adult or guardian must accompany you to and from class. They must come into the building to pick you up so we can see who you leave with.
  • If you have any sort of medical condition tell us so we can
    help to keep you safe. If you have braces, buy a
    mouthguard… If you have asthma, bring your inhaler.checklist
  • All jewellery and watches (any hard objects, including
    piercings and body jewellery) must be removed. If you have long hair tie it back, but only use hair bands without metal on them.
    Any other hair accessories are not permitted.
  • Practicing of Judo outside of the Dojo is strictly
    forbidden. Performing judo on someone who is not trained may severely hurt or maybe even kill. Use only what you have been taught in situations of imminent or life threatening danger.
  • Please remember that only your coaches can teach judo. Do not “teach” judo to your friends… If they want to
    learn, invite them to class, everyone is welcome!

Be Hygienic

  • Judo is a close, physical activity. If you are ill, please don’t come to class, especially if you have a contagious infection. Let one of the coaches know (phone, email) if you’re not going to be in class.
  • Please make sure your judogi is clean and well looked after. Keep your body clean too. Have a bath or a shower before class if you need to. Wear deodorant. Make sure your hands and feet are clean.Keep your body clean
  • Keep toenails and fingernails SHORT. Getting scratched really hurts and can cause infection.
  • Always wear sandals or flip flops (zoris) off the mat.
    Never walk bare footed unless you are on the mats.
    This is vital to keep the mats clean.
  • Go to the toilet before class begins. If you really need to go during the session, always ask your coach before you leave the mat.

Be Respectful

  • Arrive on time and be ready to learn. Always have your correct and clean judogi and always have your sandals or flip flops (zoris) on your feet when you are off the mat. Female judokas always wear a plain white, or white club t-shirt under the judogi.
  • Rei (standing bow) as you enter the dojo, go onto the mat, leave the mat and as you leave the dojo.
  • The dojo is a safe, supportive and positive learning environment. Making fun of someone, bullying or discrimination of any kind is not permitted.
  • Eating or drinking in the dojo or on the mat is forbidden. Drinking alcohol in the dojo is forbidden. Choose to drink water to help keep you hydrated when training or competing.Respect
  • Respect your instructors, coaches, fellow judokas, parents or other guests at all times. Listen to your coaches and respect any higher ranking player than you at all times. Look at them when they are speaking and pay attention.
  • When sitting, sit with legs extended or in kneeling position. Never lie on the mat!
  • Seek to practice with a higher ranking opponent, it’s how you get better.
  • If you have a problem with another student or questions of any kind please talk to one of the coaches.
  • Respect yourself, always strive to do your best at anything you do in life. Always strive for perfection.

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