Membership fees due before 31st December

Just a reminder that all members will be asked to pay their 2013 membership fees before 31st December 2012. The cost of membership remains the same – £10 per member.
As general costs of hall hire (amongst other things) are gradually rising, we are trying hard to keep membership fees low.
By renewing your membership you will be entitled to enter club compeitions and pay the normal mat fee rate of £3 per session.

Invoices will be issued soon, you can pay your mebership fees as soon as you like! You will also be asked to fill in the membership application form to ensure we have up to date contact details for you. Please have detais of your BJA licence number / expiry date with you so the forms are complted in full.

Any problems, please ask the ladies on the desk, Mark or Lewis.
Thanks :)

renrukan admin

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