JUDO POEMS by Sid Kelly

126 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover); catalogue #07-1864; ISBN 1-4251-4429-2; US$15.00, C$15.00, EUR10.25, £7.74

Through the medium of poetry the reader is walked down an intellectual path of judo. The joys and vicissitudes of judo are thought provokingly revealed to the enquiring minded judoka…

Judo Poems by Sid Kelly

About the Book

Intertwining 50 years of high level judo experience, with 50+ years of mechanical engineering experience, and a lifetime of reading and writing, the author has produced a book consisting of 16 poems and an essay. The poems, written mainly for people who have experienced judo, at all levels and all ages, cover a wide range of subjects. The poems are intended to be thought provoking, as well as instructional, educational, elucidating, enlightening and hopefully, above all, entertaining.

The opening poem, ‘Hello to Judo,’ introduces a potential beginner to what he or she can expect to experience from attending judo classes. The positives of judo are endorsed but the beginner is also given preparatory notice with the following lines:

Most sports at first are easy to play,
Because one’s motor skills show the way.
But beginning judo is a different story,
Because learning with patience comes before the glory.

Most of the poems have a central theme or message. In the poem, ‘The Clever Lever,’ the message is that he or she is simply a lever when applying a throw. In the poem, ‘An Amazing Fact,’ the message is that only the choreography of a throw is usually taught.

The essay, ‘Judo’s Consistent Curse,’ reveals the pitfalls of a ranking system integral with the politics of a sport. This is done by imagining the effects a ranking system would have on the sport of cycling.

The book is prefaced by Mr. Jim Bregman, Americas first judo Olympic medalist, bronze Tokyo 1964.

About the Author

Sid Kelly began judo in 1957 in London, England. His early instructors were, the renowned technician Kenshiro Abe, 8th Dan, Mr. Leggett, Mr. G Kerr and Mr. John Newman. He represented Gt Britain on nine occasions and was the head instructor of the Renrukan JC with three of its members in the British team. He passed the Coach Award Examination, was Assistant Area Coach for the NHC (Northern Home Counties), captained the NHC team that won the Area Team Championships, and won Britains first Kata competition in a NHC Area Championships.

Emigrated to the USA in 1967. Was overall New England Black Belt Champion, Connecticut State Champion, ten years National Referee, two times gold medalist in the Worlds Masters (Canada 1999),(Japan 2004), coach of the winning Connecticut team(1999 United States Judo Association(USJA) National team Championships), USJA Certified Coach, Master Examiner and Kata Examiner. In Connecticut, introduced programs for: Junior and Senior Leagues, the first Friday of the month work outs, Senior club visits, Junior training sessions, Kata for Connecticut instructors and monthly visits by out of state instructors. Sid Kelly has written two books, produced eight videos and documented 16 Training Drills:

He has a Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and works in the field of designing high speed automation equipment.

He lives with his wife Rita in West Haven, Connecticut, USA and has two children, Susan and Tom, and one grandson, Beau.

He holds the ranks of 8th Dan in Judo and 6th Dan in Ju-Jitsu.

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  1. phil howell says:

    Hi Sid we go back a long way 1961 porthcawl in south wales i see you are doing well in the usa long way from porthcawl with sensi otani i see that you are now the same grade as mr abby was in 1961 well done.I my self am still a 3rd dan took up clay target shooting for wales and uk and now golf 3 4 times a week, any way nice to see you are still fit and still on the mat soft one i hope regards phil

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