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head coach Mark Scott
We have some exceptional coaches who help in our sessions and out in competitions. They are superb national and international competitors in their own right and are excellent role models for our younger members. Essential to the continued growth of the club, they are BJA-validated and, amongst other things, help with gradings and monitoring the progress of our members.

Mark Scott, Head Coach

Club history

The renrukan has its origins in 1960 when Sid Kelly founded the original club in Middlesex.

co-founderSid Kelly is now an 8th Dan and lives in the USA. Steve Mason, a founder member of the original club, was given the name, when the club closed in Middlesex, with the full backing of the founders to further the spirit and traditions of the original renrukan club.

The renrukan is honoured to have Sid Kelly continue as their Honorary Life President.

Steve drew the Aylesbury Judo Society (consisting of the Aylesbury Judokwai and Rivet Judo club) under the mantle of the renrukan and moved forward with the spirit of the renrukan

Steve passed the club onto Mark Scott to continue the renrukan. The same spirit and values of the renrukan remain under our new head coach. Steve still continues to coach at the club.

This process of reincarnation is reflective of the dynamic aspect of judo and life in its broader setting.

To find out more and to contribute to the future of the renrukan, please contact Mark using the enquiries form, or visit the latest news – the club blog devoted to bringing you the latest news and events from the club.

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