61 Club Green Belt and Below, High Wycombe, 14th May 2017

renrukan took 5 players to Wycombe Judo Centre on Sunday and a good day of competition was had.

Paige was the only girl fighting and had some strong opposition in her group and unfortunately didn’t move out of her group. William Trotter was at his first competition and what a great little performance he put on. Great contests. I was very proud of his etiquette and result, reaching the quarter finals from two pools. Marshall also had some great contests and took some fine wins, well done! Thomas trotter and George were both in the same group of 12. It became a straight knockout contest and to have 2 players attaining medals in one group was a hell of a show all round.

Marshall —————–GOLD

A great day for rerukan. It was a strong field of players throughout the day and we fought hard. Well done to all, lets get back out there and shine again.

Mark, Ricki, Trevor

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